Member Area

WHY BECOMING A "Go Between In Provence" MEMBER ?

Becoming a Go Between In Provence member allows you to access freely to exclusive and reserved information :

- Integral access to offers and requests (without the takeover person's identity)
- Meeting diary : consult the planning, the orders of day and reports of meetings
- Members' information : download files and information dedicated to members
- Members' address book : by company or by town, access to the members' identities.

WHO CAN BECOME A Go Between In Provence MEMBER ?

The partners of the program Go Between In Provence are :

• Public institutions, professional federations, banks, non profit associations, Provence Promotion members, each of these organizations appointed an only one representative,

• lawyers, chartered accountants and notaries (Only if you are a member of the Marseille Bar, the Aix en Provence Bar, the PACAC Régional Institute of Chartered Accountants or the PACA Régional Institute of Notaries),

Everyone who belongs to one of these partners 'organizations can become a Go Between In Provence member, according to the rules of the program and the Charter.

To do it, you just have to read and accept the Charter below, to access to the registration form.

- Download the Charter

General conditions for accessing and using the site by members:

1) Consulting announcements and contacts:

Registering a member, consulting announcements and contact requests are free services and governed by the program clauses and the Go Between In Provence charter. A contact request can only be handled by a Go Between In Provence member (on behalf of the interested party), who then passes it on to Provence Promotion, which in turn submits it to the advertiser.

2) Registration and password:
The member is solely responsible for the account and password and any action which may be carried out on the account using the password. Provence Promotion shall not be held liable for any loss or damage occurring as a result of failure to observe these obligations.

3) User rights - Copyright:
Provence Promotion is the sole owner of all the intellectual property rights on the website.

4) Liability:

Provence Promotion shall not be held liable for information communicated, or advertisements published under the advertisers' responsibility.

It shall not be liable in any way to remedy a prejudice suffered by the interested parties or third parties regarding any event directly or indirectly related to the functioning or use of the site.

5) Applicable law . Assignment of jurisdiction:
The agreement is subject to French law.
Should there be contestation as to the interpretation or performance of the Agreement, and failing and out-of-court settlement, the Courts in the location of the head office of the association shall be the sole courts of competent jurisdiction.

The member hereby declares to have read the conditions for access, use and functioning of the Go Between In Provence program and the charter and all general conditions governing the website and hereby declares to agree with them and fully comply with them.